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NEPRA Foundation


Nepra Foundation, was established in 2012, a public charitable trust, is registered under Trust Registration Act, 1950. It is a not for profit organization and exclusively working for the up-liftment of and serving the underprivileged rural and urban communities.

Nepra Foundation is one of the grass root voluntary organizations working for the overall socioeconomic development of rural and urban people with a special focus on Climate change & Sustainability. It owns the responsibility of community development in an obligatory manner. People’s capacity building by creating enabling environment to empower communities is one of the pivotal goals of the organization.

Nepra Foundation integrates with other NGOs and government schemes to diminish the widening gap between informal sector and mainstream society. Nepra Foundation is a 12A and 80G certified organization.

To find out more about what we do, visit our website: http://www.neprafoundation.org/

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